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Conversations with Kingsley Amis, by Thomas DePietro (2009)

DePietro’s collection covers forty years of interviews with British novelist and man of letters Kingsley Amis, who has a lot to say on the writing process, British politics, and the working-class hero in post-WWII fiction as he moves from card-carrying Communist party member to hardcore Thatcher supporter over the course of forty years.  The collection also serves as a useful, expedited autobiography of Amis’s life (with his philandering only alluded to), but can be repetitive since Amis retells the same anecdotes over and over—how many times can we hear him deny being one of the Angry Young Men?



Where I Got It

Bought online a few weeks ago as part of research for the new novel.


1975 Interview with Amis for the Paris Review

Or, check out Amis’s first and most famous novel Lucky Jim instead