Don’t Obsess About Your Work Being “Legitimate”

I have a friend who’s working on a novel in her spare time.  It’s an ongoing project that she devotes an hour to every so often in the evening or on a weekend, and she has a lot of fun working on it when she can.

Sometimes the two of us discuss writing and she talks about her novel in a passionate, excited way that makes me excited too.  Other times she’ll talk about problems Continue reading »

How to Show People You’re Serious About Your Creative Work

A couple years ago, I had a Day Job where sometimes I had to go to parties with my coworkers and other people involved with where I worked.  These parties were usually pretty awkward because I was the youngest one there and didn’t have much in common with the people around me.

At one of them, though, I met a guy a few years older than me who was pretty interesting, and I told him that I’d lived in Japan and was working on a novel about the lives of foreigners there. Continue reading »