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When I’m not blogging or working my Day Job, I also edit manuscripts, which means proofreading, cleaning up grammar, reformatting, and making sure your writing looks its best.  Specialties include:

  • Academic manuscripts (books, dissertations, journal articles, theses, etc.) in just about any field (biology, chemistry, sociology, architecture, history, agriculture, mixed-methods research, fashion design, critical theory, and others)
  • Business content (brochures, websites, articles, etc.)
  • Resumes and CVs
  • Grants
  • Formal correspondence
  • Novels and short stories
  • Screenplays
  • References and bibliography formatting
  • Anything by ESL (English as a second language) speakers

Basically, I’ll make your writing look clean, professional, and ready to publish—it’s my job.



My pricing’s competitive and depends on how complex the project is and how much it needs:

  • 0.5–1 cent/word – Light proofing and manuscript checks
  • 1.5–3 cents/word – Moderate cleaning
  • 3.5 cents/word and up – Heavy cleanups and rewrites


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What Others Are Saying

I’m a non-native English speaker, and before Ian started editing my team’s manuscripts, we were receiving comments about English grammar and poor sentence structure. Because Ian is extremely careful and does a great job editing, we no longer receive these kinds of comments. Ian can complete the task in a professional manner and very quickly, and has my highest regards.Amit, Assistant Professor, Weed Science

Ian was an immense help on my dissertation as I cleared the last hurdle and needed some final edits. He was wonderful and easy to work with, provided the best editing I have ever had, and was detail-oriented in his work. I’m happy to say that my dissertation was accepted without any revisions, which I hear is very rare. My committee commented on how they couldn’t find any grammar/spelling/style errors. Needless to say, you should definitely contact Ian if you need any editing.Johanna, PhD & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Working with Ian has been a rewarding experience. From 500 to 50,000 word pieces he’s able to address grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and improve the overall argument of the piece. We’ve highly recommended Ian to other academic colleagues looking to improve journal articles, grant applications, or manuscript submissions. He is thorough, timely and always provides constructive criticism on our work.David & Sarah, Assistant Professors, Architecture

Ian was professional, flexible and efficient. Without his help it would have been difficult to make my dissertation deadline. Highly recommended!Sandra, Assistant Professor, Fashion Design

I’ve known Ian since 2014 when I was a Ph.D. student, and he’s been very useful to our lab in editing and formatting manuscripts for peer-reviewed scientific journals. His excellent English skill helped me and the other graduate students improve our scientific writing ability. He can also accomplish tasks in a very timely manner, which helps us publish our data without delay.Debalin, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Weed Science

Ian edited my grammar on my dissertation for my PhD, which allowed me to focus on finishing my experiments and making conclusions from the results. I was on a deadline, and having him edit my writing just made the whole process easier. Most of the issues he found were possible misinterpretations that my committee might have made on my conclusions, so his help was very beneficial for my defense.Jeff, PhD, Chemistry