We Are Market Basket, by Daniel Korschun & Grant Welker (2015)

Full Disclosure: I worked for Market Basket ten or so years before the 2014 protests made national news, but I would have enjoyed this book either way.  In case you missed it: a rivalry among the Demoulas family split the grocery chain between the workers and the board, with the power-hungry directors firing CEO Arthur T., who believed in supporting workers and treating customers fairly.  This book explains not only the history behind the protest, but the business practices that both fostered it and allow Market Basket to flourish in a world dominated by Milton Friedman’s shareholder-favoring philosophies.  Nice.



Where I Got It

Christmas Gift, 2015.


More on the Market Basket Protests (Wikipedia)

When the Market Basket Workers Fight Back, Everyone Wins (my 2014 thoughts on the protests)

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