December Giveaway: Win a Free Schedule Book!

So you know how much I love scheduling and To-Do lists and keeping your life and goals organized, so I figured I’d spread the word!  I’m giving away a FREE (!!!!) 2018 schedule book and day planner to one lucky reader so you can start the year off right managing your priorities.

How can you be the lucky winner of this FREE giveaway, you ask? Well, there’s a few ways to get the prize, and each one will earn you a chance at winning:


  1. Comment on this post saying you’re interested (1 chance)
  2. Add your insights to the comments section on any other post on this blog (1 chance)
  3. Like my But I Also Have a Day Job page on Facebook (1 chance)
  4. Sign up for my (occasional) digest mailing list of blog highlights and insights into cool stuff I’ve been working on (1 chance)
  5. Share any of my Day Job blog posts via Facebook, Twitter or outlet of your choice—and don’t forget to tag me in it! (1 chance)
  6. Share a story about how you relate to your job, whether it’s a Day Job or something you’re more passionate about.  What made you take it?  Is it an end point, or a stepping stone to something different?  Do you balance creative work with keeping the bills paid, or do you earn your keep from a job that gives you a greater sense of purpose?  Post a comment here and share your insights with the world! (5 chances)


Do any (or all!) of these things in the next two weeks to increase your odds of winning, and on December 13th I’ll add up everyone’s entries, draw a random number as the winner, and mail you your very own schedule book just in time for Christmas!  You know, in case you already have your own and need an extra stocking stuffer this holiday season ;-)

Good luck everybody!